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Written by Neil Ashton.

Web Design in Cape Town

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A quality web design is probably the single most important factor in a successful Internet marketing campaign.  It is of paramount importance that your web design is search engine friendly, to ensure that the search engines refer targeted traffic to your website.  Your web design is crucial, a poorly designed website will send the wrong message to your browsers and customers, something you can ill afford in todays competitive market!

The WebGuru is a web design company focused on building websites that talk to both the search engines and your target audience, resulting in a broad reach through search engine marketing , while providing the browser with great usability and functionality.  Our 'call to action' buttons and links will guide your targeted audience to your money page, ensuring the maximum number of leads and sales are generated.

A successful web design needs to portray the company it represents in a positive light, while providing the required information and functionality, in accessible web pages, with a structured navigation, allowing the user to find and share the information easily through social media marketing channels.

Web Design Functionality

This web design company has created a wide variety of web design options for its clients, below are some of the core functionalities that we can assist you with:

  • web design in Cape TownInformation based web design
  • Portfolio / Catalogue / Gallery platforms
  • Content management systems
  • e-Commerce online shops
  • Social networking web design

Web Design Approach

The WebGuru follows a phased approach to web design, providing the client with access to the web pages during the entire web design and development, thereby ensuring that you get what you want.

  • Cape Town web designDefine the website goals
  • Create the web design
  • Develop the website
  • Test & tweak the site
  • Launch the new website
  • Promote the web pages
  • Manage the website

As the new media landscape changes, so does this web design company. The WebGuru, constantly researches the new technologies ensuring that we have the necessary skills to leverage off their strengths.  SInce 1999 our web design company has been assisting clients to stay on top of the constantly changing digital marketplace and their web design in Cape Town.

Only three out of every hundred web pages on the Internet are ever referred by the search engines.  If your website falls into the other 97 percent, you need to look very closely at your web design.  Have The WebGuru's web design in Cape Town analyze your web pages and ascertain why they are not being found!

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